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Integrated Aesthetics for Men

Chiseled, by Integrated Aesthetics, is a leading aesthetic practice in Spring, TX near The Woodlands that offers male surgical and nonsurgical procedures for the face, body, and skin. We're a preferred choice for men who want to enjoy the convenience of undergoing premier cosmetic care in one location. Our office is owned and operated by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Younghoon Cho and board-certified dermatologist Dr. Melissa Chiang. Together, they have more than 30 years of experience in helping patients attain their aesthetic goals through safe and effective methods. We also employ a caring team of certified cosmetic professionals who are committed to guiding you through your personal aesthetic journey. Call or visit our AAAASF-accredited facility today to learn more.

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Integrated Aesthetics

Integrated Aesthetics is our plastic surgery and dermatology practice for women in Spring, TX. We have helped our patients accomplish their aesthetic goals with the most cutting-edge technology in a comfortable and relaxing environment. We welcome women to visit our sister website for Coolsculpting, Rhinoplasty, Facelifts and other popular services.

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Dr. Cho &
Dr. Chiang

Dr. Chiang and Dr. Cho are both graduates of Yale University and are board-certified medical professionals who are dedicated to providing you with an unparalleled experience. They believe that a strong doctor-patient relationship is key to the success of their practice, which is why they're committed to understanding their patients’ needs when creating custom, multimodal treatment plans. Educating their clients on all of their treatment options is Dr. Chiang’s and Dr. Cho’s top priority. They want their patients to feel safe and confident at every step of their aesthetic process. They're also both master injectors and national trainers for Galderma, so you can rest assured that you're in excellent hands whether you opt for surgical or nonsurgical treatment. To learn more about our skilled practitioners, view the links below.


"Best Dermatologist! My experience was wonderful. - My experience here was wonderful. I got sculptra done a few weeks ago and am already seeing great results. I get very light headed around needles and Dr. Chiang was very understanding and helpful. I also appreciate her suggestions for treatments that might help in areas I didn’t even know could be treated. Excellent experience!"



"Scalp Hair Thinning - Dr Chiang has been my dermatologist for many years and she is absolutely the best and most knowledgeable doctor. She spends time with me each visit and she is always making suggestions and using the newest techniques to preserve and grow my hair. I am grateful to have her as my dermatologist. and completely trust her."



"I trust Integrated Aesthetics! Dr. Chiang and Dr. Cho customized the perfect plan for me so that I feel incredible and look natural."



"I love Dr. Chiang. I have been her patient for several years, and she is the only doctor whom I trust with all of my skin needs. I have Melasma and she has been treating me for it, and the improvement is amazing. I also see her to get Botox. I feel safe knowing that I am getting Botox by a doctor. Dr. Chiang is very kind, patient, attentive, and she always answers all of my questions. I wish all doctors have her work ethic. Thank you Dr. Chiang for all that you do 🙏🏻"



"Lip Lift/corner Lift/lip Reduction - Hello, I have been roaming these reviews and thought it was time to share my experience. On 09/09, I had a lip lift with corner lift and lip reduction. I know it’s an odd combination, but I had a fairly short philtrum to begin with, and my goal was to have more teeth show. I will be three weeks post and here are my thoughts/highlights so far:Day 1-5 : Oh my god, the swelling. After surgery, my face just looked...distorted. The swelling was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before (remember, I had a reduction too). The pain wasn’t too bad post surgery, with the pain peaking maybe 6 hours post. I took one pill for pain and that was all I needed.Day 5: On day 5, I had my stitches removed. Day 7: By day 7, my swelling was reduced and not really as offensive. I felt almost presentable. Current status: I am definitely still tight at the nose, corners, and at the wet/dry border. I cannot smile fully which is frustrating. Most of my swelling appears to be gone but my lip is pretty hard and lumpy at the reduction incision. My scars are still there but definitely hard to see if you’re not looking. I’m about to see a friend I’ve know for years; the real test will be to see if he’ll notice. Highlights:1. You will swell. I took pictures almost daily at the start but I’m not sure that’s a good idea. At the very least, I would not obsess over how it looks initially as it will surely change and evolve over time. 2. The scars will have good days and bad days. Per my doctor’s recommendation, I started to use a silicone ointment as soon as my stitches were removed. I think it’s very important to intervene early on and to remember your scar will evolve over a year plus. Right after my stitch removal, my scar looked perfect. Currently however, it’s gotten bumpy. This is completely normal for it to change. So I guess my advice is, even if your scar looks great initially, be sure to manage your scar for an extended period of time as your scar will continue to remodel for 12 months+. Smiling: Not being able to laugh or smile is the real bummer for me. When my hilarious friend tells me a joke, I want to laugh untrammeled. I am not trying to equate what I feel at all close to depression, but it almost seems like the inability to express has muted my emotions. If you are a smiley, laughy person, expect to feel a bit “unsettled.” Laughing and smiling constitutes a huge part of my personality, and right now, I can’t be fully me. I’m voting “not sure” as it’s still early. However my doctor is FANTASTIC. I think he did everything right for me to have a fantastic experience, now let’s see how my body responds."




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