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About Penis Enlargement

Men who have aesthetic concerns about their penis may end up feeling less confident with a lower self esteem. These concerns may be a result from genetics or age-related changes to their body as they grow older. If you are concerned about the shape, size, or overall look of your penis, you may be a good fit for penis enhancement treatment.

Dr. Cho has been helping patients in the Spring, TX area resolve aesthetic concerns for many years. If you have any questions about penis enlargement, contact the staff at Chiseled today.

What Are The Benefits Of Penis Enlargement?

For men concerned about the size of their penis, Dr. Cho provides several effective options for penis enlargement with great benefits. Ranging from dermal fillers to surgical methods, each penis enlargement treatment is fully customizable to your body, needs, and treatment goals. During your private consultation, Dr. Cho will go over each treatment and the confidence-building, performance and enjoyment-enhancing benefits they offer, including:

  • Increasing penis length and girth
  • Intensifying sexual pleasure
  • Boosting confidence and self-image
  • Multiple options to choose from
  • Most procedures are only minimally-invasive
  • Procedures can be combined to maximize results
  • Safe and effective for most patients
  • Little to no downtime

Am I A Good Candidate for Penis Enlargement?

Penis enlargement administered at Chiseled is best for men who have a micropenis and want to restore sexual function, have a condition like Peyronie’s disease that causes painful sex and erections, or possess an ailment that causes penile shrinking. However, men with average or slightly below-average-sized penises may also be good candidates for a penis enlargement treatment or operation if they feel the size of their penis is affecting confidence and performance in their sex lives. Additionally, you must be an adult and in good health.

Aesthetic Solutions for Penis Enlargement

For men who are wanting to increase the size of their penis, Dr. Cho offers penis enlargement treatments to help enhance the length and width of the penis. This type of treatment won’t affect the the functionality or sensation of the penis, but will help resolve any aesthetic concerns you may have.

During your consultation with Dr. Cho, he will help you determine what type of treatment would be best to achieve your goals. Depending on your situation, he may recommend to treat your aesthetic concerns with dermal fillers, a fat transfer, or a ligament transection.

Dermal Fillers
Patients have the option of increasing the size of their penis by dermal filler injection. This enlargement procedure is done while the patient is conscious. Dr. Cho will use a combination of topical and local anesthesia to reduce any pain during the process.

Fat Transfer
Using the body’s own fat supply will help patients increase the size of the penis with a natural filler. This fat is taken from an area of the body where it can be spared. This is generally taken from the thighs or stomach since there is an ample amount of body fat in these areas. Once the fat is removed, Dr. Cho will inject this into the penis to help increase the overall size of the the penis.

Ligament Transection
A ligament transection is another option to help increase penile length. During this procedure, the surgeon doesn’t add anything to the penis to help increase the size. Instead, Dr. Cho will alter ligaments within the penis to help lengthen the penis.

Combination of Penis Enlargement Treatments

Depending on the goals of the patient, Dr. Cho may suggest a combination of the treatments above. For example, it is common to pair dermal fillers with a fat transfer and most patients will want to maximize their penis enlargement outcome.

What Should I Expect Following Penis Enlargement?

Your recovery process and results timeline will be contingent on which method of penis enlargement you had. For fillers, you should be able to return to normal activities almost immediately, but you should wait a week or so before resuming sexual activity. Penis girth should noticeably increase within two weeks after filler injections. For fat transfer, everyday activities can begin after a few days, but strenuous activities should be limited for a few weeks. Results with fat transfer to the penis are recognizable very soon after the procedure. For the ligament transection, you will likely have a week of downtime, with strenuous activity and sex off-limits for about a month and possibly longer. Results should be visible soon after the procedure and finalize after 3 – 6 months.

Penis Enlargement FAQ

Will my penis enlargement results look natural?
Yes. You can expect that your results are likely to look natural while offering a confidence-boosting increase in size and general appearance. Also, our techniques do not add anything structural to the region, only fillers, fat transfer, and a ligament transection. This prevents an unnatural look from something like an implant.

Is the penis enlargement process painful?
It should not be, because our team at Chiseled will use local anesthesia to make sure you have limited discomfort when treatments are performed. However, the ligament transection is a more surgical process than fat transfer or dermal fillers, so men worried about surgery may want to steer away from a ligament procedure.

Will penis enlargement improve my sex life?
It likely will. Many of our patients report experiencing increased pleasure, better sex with their partners, and more confidence following enlargement techniques.

How long will my penis enlargement results last?
Most of the time, the results of penis enlargement treatments are long-lasting. However, the duration of your results will be based on which technique was used. For example, dermal fillers can last as long as a year, while a fat transfer or ligament transection procedure could yield results lasting many years.

How much does penis enlargement cost?
The cost of penis enlargement at our Spring, TX office can vary according to your needs and goals in addition to the method selected for penis enlargement. During your consultation, Dr. Cho can help determine the ideal treatment for you, design a personalized treatment plan, and provide cost information.

Will I have downtime following penis enlargement?
Typically, some downtime is involved following penis enlargement treatment. Depending on the treatment used, you might have to wait a few weeks before resuming intense exercise or sexual activity. More details about the needed downtime following penis enlargement will be provided during your visit with Dr. Cho.

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Depending on the procedure, there may be risks involved. Dr. Cho and his team will help you understand the befenefits and risks for each procedure, so you are well informed prior to the treatment date.

If you're looking to enhance your confidence, masculinity, and intimacy with your partner, a male enhancement treatment may be right for you. To learn more about all your options, call Chiseled’s office in Spring, TX today for a consultation.

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