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About FaceTite for Men

A normal phenomenon of the natural aging process is the slowing of collagen and elastin production in your skin, which can lead to visible wrinkles, lines, and creases in addition to loose skin around the jowls, chin, and neck. To combat these common signs of aging, Chiseled is pleased to provide  FaceTite by InMode. This revolutionary nonsurgical procedure uses radiofrequency assisted lipolysis (RFAL) to heat up and dislodge fat cells, helping the skin to tighten and encouraging collagen to be produced at a much faster rate. You can receive a smoother, more youthful facial appearance without the invasiveness and recovery period associated with traditional cosmetic surgeries. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with skilled dermatologist Dr. Melissa Chiang or board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Younghoon Cho at our Spring, TX office near The Woodlands to learn more about FaceTite and its advantages.


Thanks to the AccuTite system by InMode, delicate areas on the face can be treated with remarkable precision. AccuTite is a handheld device that we can apply to small target areas around the eyes, mouth, jowls, or neck. It uses state-of-the-art RF technology to eliminate fat without the need for surgical intervention with a facelift or neck lift. 

Candidates for facetite

FaceTite is generally used to treat smaller, more delicate areas, such as the lines that form around the mouth or below the eyes, as well as loose skin on the neck and chin. You might be an ideal candidate for this procedure if you've experienced early signs of aging and want to achieve tighter skin through increased collagen production. If you've had cosmetic injections performed in the past 6 – 8 months, you might not be eligible for FaceTite. During your initial consultation with Dr. Chiang or Dr. Cho, they can review your goals and medical history to determine if you qualify for this procedure.

facetite treatment

This cosmetic treatment uses local anesthesia and a minimally invasive technique that involves inserting a very small cannula under your skin. Once the cannula is placed, we can control and monitor the temperature through internal and external thermometers to make sure the heat stays at a comfortable level. The RF energy emitted by the FaceTite device can destroy fat cells and cause the skin to contract, stimulating collagen production. Sessions typically last about 30 – 60 minutes per treated area.

after your appointment

After a FaceTite treatment, you should return home to rest for the rest of the day and wear a fitted compression garment. You should be ready to return to your normal routine the following day. It may take approximately three days for any discoloration or swelling to fade. You should avoid strenuous activities, including exercise, for approximately two weeks after the procedure. Patients normally see some results after their FaceTite treatment, but since new collagen growth occurs over time, optimal outcomes are usually seen after about 3 – 6 weeks. Results are often long-lasting and reveal a smoother and tighter facial contour.

FaceTite FAQs

Is FaceTite safe for men?

The technology behind FaceTitehas been used successfully on countless men across the country. Of course, it's best to get treatment from a qualified professional. Dr. Cho has years of experience performing FaceTite and knows how to provide patients with excellent results. We take every precaution to ensure your complete comfort and satisfaction.

How do you prepare for FaceTite?

It depends on the specific treatment areas involved and your cosmetic goals. Our team at Chiseled will offer a short but detailed list of ways to prepare for your procedure and ensure optimal results in Spring, TX. These may include starting or stopping certain medications, avoiding sun exposure, and quitting smoking before and after FaceTite.

Do FaceTite results look natural?

We understand most men are looking for subtle and natural-looking results when it comes to cosmetic treatments. FaceTite can provide a youthful appearance without looking "done" or artificial. Our skilled providers work with each patient to ensure that their individual goals are met without any issues.

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6 Weeks
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Younger, Tighter Skin

Aesthetic surgeries, such as neck lifts and facelifts, are not your only option to attain tighter, younger-looking skin. FaceTite can firm the skin and address sensitive areas around the eyes, mouth, and upper chin that cannot be corrected with traditional liposuction. This treatment uses a unique RFAL technique to stimulate collagen production and contract the epidermis in order to reveal seamless results. Call Chiseled in Spring, TX to schedule your consultation with one of our seasoned professionals to see whether FaceTite is right for you.

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