Am I a Good Candidate for Penis Enlargement?

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Are you displeased with any part of your body? Our expert team and board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Young Cho, would love to help correct any potential issues keeping you from being truly happy with your physique. Of course, this includes every part of your body – and since we're dedicated to your overall well-being (including mental, emotional, and social), you have no reason to feel hesitant about contacting us if you have any aesthetic concerns about your penis.

It may be a tricky issue to discuss for many, but that's why we're here: to offer you a full spectrum of advanced, effective treatments to address whatever cosmetic issue may be bothering you. So, contact us today at Chiseled in Spring, TX to find out more and explore your options.

Are you a good candidate for the confidence-boosting, potentially life-transforming benefits of penile enlargement?

We understand that these problems can negatively impact many aspects of one's life. Men with these concerns are likelier to suffer from lower self-esteem and confidence issues that may translate to day-to-day living and decrease overall life satisfaction. But we want you to fully enjoy your life and all it has to offer. So, we foster a comfortable environment where you can completely and confidentially voice your concerns and let us know what you'd like to achieve. In addition to those seeking to get rid of penile self-consciousness, an ideal candidate for penile enlargement may wish to increase length or girth, or improve their (and their partner's) pleasure while achieving natural-looking results.

And if you're worried about complex, inconvenient, uncomfortable, or possibly painful procedures, banish those fears! We offer a number of relatively simple, safe, and effective treatments that have provided countless men with a boost of confidence and body satisfaction in Spring, TX.

We excitedly offer you multiple time-tested and clinically-backed aesthetic enhancement options

Our advanced, clinically backed treatments are entirely cosmetic, so they will not affect the functionality or sensitivity. But they will increase the length and/or width of the penile tissues. During your comprehensive consultation, experienced Dr. Cho will devise a personalized treatment plan tailored specifically for your unique needs and wants.

One fantastic, time-tested solution is a fat transfer. As its name suggests, this procedure harvests fat from some part of the body (such as the thighs or stomach, which tend to hold extra adipose tissue) and then transfers it to the penis to improve overall size.

A similar treatment utilizes a dermal filler, a soft gel-like substance that typically includes healthful agents, like hyaluronic acid, a natural, skin-rejuvenating compound. This may be used instead of, or along with, a fat transfer to give you added dimension by boosting all-around size. It's performed while you are conscious, though we administer a combination of anesthetics and sedation to get you as comfortable as possible.

Another potential solution is known as ligament transection. This can increase the apparent size of the penis by altering the suspensory ligament, which anchors the penis close to the pubic bone. With a more "relaxed" suspensory ligament, the penis hangs further away and appears longer. Although these treatments can work wonders on their own, Dr. Cho may suggest some combination of the three to give you the optimal outcome that so many previous patients have enjoyed.

Take your first step toward a self-esteem-enhancing treatment by reaching out to us today

You don't have to feel self-conscious or down in the dumps any longer; a simple call can set you on the road to all the self-esteem-enhancing advantages of penile enhancement. So, reach out to us today at Chiseled in Spring, TX to set up an appointment with vastly experienced board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Young Cho.

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