Can Gynecomastia Go Away With Exercise?

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Gynecomastia refers to the enlargement of one or both male breasts due to excess glandular and fatty tissue. Unfortunately, men with gynecomastia may feel embarrassed in situations where their upper body and chest are visible. Dr. Young Cho is a board-certified plastic surgeon who performs cosmetic breast reduction surgery so men can once again have a sculpted, masculine-appearing chest.

So what is gynecomastia, and what does gynecomastia look like? And can you get rid of gynecomastia by working out? It is not unusual for patients to ask these questions, especially if they are concerned about the possibility of plastic surgery. If you would like to learn more about gynecomastia causes and treatment, reach out to the team at Chiseled in Spring, TX. We can perform an examination and learn which options are right for you.

What is gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a condition that causes excess breast tissue to grow in men, causing a feminine appearance in the chest. The extra tissue may be caused by weight gain, hormonal changes, or certain medications. Gynecomastia may even be the sign of an underlying health disorder, such as hyperthyroidism and hypogonadism. If you think you have gynecomastia and want more information about your condition, speaking with a trusted physician, like Dr. Cho, is the next appropriate step. We can also answer your questions about gynecomastia and how to treat the issue in an effective way.

What does gynecomastia look like?

Gynecomastia can affect men of all ages, including adolescents who are going through puberty, as well as older adults. This condition often looks and feels like swollen breast tissue. Even though gynecomastia does not always cause health problems, it can lead to some discomfort or tenderness in the breast and nipples. Men with gynecomastia often explain that their enlarged breast tissue interferes with everyday activities or social events.

When patients experience any new changes to their breast tissue, it is important to seek medical attention to rule out serious medical conditions. During your assessment with Dr. Cho, we identify the source of your gynecomastia before moving forward with treatment options, like surgery. This means asking questions about your medical history and medication use. Based on the cause of your condition, we can create a surgical plan to address the tissue.

Can you get rid of gynecomastia by working out?

When you visit Chiseled in Spring, TX, our team can review gynecomastia causes and treatment. So, can you get rid of gynecomastia by working out? The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors, including the underlying cause of the enlarged breasts. If the development of large breasts is caused by being overweight, gynecomastia exercise may prove to be an effective option. Some professionals recommend regular physical activity in addition to a healthy diet to reduce fatty tissue.

If you still have enlarged breasts at a healthy weight, Dr. Cho may recommend male breast reduction surgery to remove excess fat and glandular tissue. This reshapes the breasts and creates a masculine-looking chest. It can also help with puffy or pointy nipples. Candidates for gynecomastia surgery are generally healthy and do not have active infections or conditions that will prevent them from recovering. Any underlying medical issues will need to be addressed before scheduling this procedure.

How does gynecomastia surgery work?

Gynecomastia surgery is an outpatient procedure performed on-site at our clinic. Dr. Cho will use liposuction to remove excess fat, then carefully trim away any loose skin to produce a contoured appearance. We may then reshape the nipple and surrounding areola to make them proportionate with the surrounding tissue. Whenever possible, Dr. Cho will create small incisions in the natural folds of the body to reduce future scarring.

Following surgery, patients will receive a compression garment to control side effects, such as swelling and bruising. Invasive surgery may also require a small tube for draining fluid. The administrative staff at Chiseled can give you information and guidelines about the recovery process. Once these side effects subside, patients should be able to notice their new surgical results. It is important to take the time to rest properly and not jump into strenuous exercise right away.

Learn more about gynecomastia causes and treatment

If male breast enlargement is the source of embarrassment or frustration in your life, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Young Cho invites you to visit Chiseled for a consultation. Our staff is proud to have helped men of all ages regain their self-confidence in Spring, TX. After treatment for male breast enlargement, you can start showing off your chest at the beach and the gym. Learn more about gynecomastia exercise and treatment options by contacting our facility for a consultation.

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