How Can Men Benefit From Facelift Surgery?

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It's a common misconception that facelift surgery is reserved for women alone. In reality, more and more men each year are turning to facelift surgery to restore a youthful and specifically more masculine look that is often lost with age. However, it is important that men considering facelift surgery choose a surgeon who is highly experienced in the unique aspects of male facial anatomy and more. At Chiseled, Spring, TX board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Young Cho specializes in a variety of aesthetic procedures designed for men, including the male facelift. Curious about how men can benefit from facelift surgery tailored toward masculine goals? Find answers to common questions about men's facelift surgery here.

Do men ever get facelift surgery?

Absolutely. More men than ever are choosing to undergo facial rejuvenation procedures — including the facelift — to counteract the unwanted signs of facial aging, like wrinkles, loose skin, and more.

What's the difference between a regular facelift and a male facelift?

All facelifts — regardless of the patient's gender — should be fully customized to align with each person's individual facial anatomy, skin type, and desired outcome. For men, specifically, facelift surgery is often focused on restoring classically masculine contours — such as a chiseled chin, square jawline, and strong profile. Additionally, many men have pointed questions or concerns about appearing "overdone" or even feminine as a result of facelift surgery. Dr. Cho understands these concerns and will discuss all of the advanced techniques and technologies used during a male facelift to ensure a natural-looking result and help patients feel comfortable and confident ahead of their procedure.

What improvements can be made with a facelift for men?

Because each facelift surgery is tailored following a thorough consultation and evaluation with Dr. Cho, almost any concern within reason can be addressed with facial enhancement surgery. Some of the most common signs of aging that Dr. Cho targets during a Spring, TX men's facelift include:

  • Sagging skin
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Deep facial folds
  • Weak jawline
  • Drooping jowls
  • Sagging neck (turkey neck)
  • Double chin
  • Downturned features
  • Sad or angry look
  • Descended (heavy) brow

Which type of facelift should men get?

While certain aspects of male facial anatomy may be the same or similar across a large group of men, it is important to keep in mind that all men have unique characteristics, varying degrees of facial aging, and highly individual goals. All of these factors will come into play when Dr. Cho recommends the most appropriate type of facelift for a patient, which will then be further customized. Some of the most popular facelift techniques for men include the full facelift, mini facelift, neck lift, and lower facelift.

In many cases, Dr. Cho may recommend combining facelift surgery with additional facial contouring treatments or procedures — like injectables, for instance — to achieve the most compelling, natural-looking, and long-lasting transformation possible.

Regain the sculpted profile of your youth with male facelift surgery in Spring, TX

When it comes to facial rejuvenation surgery, there's no question that your choice of surgeon matters. For men, selecting a facelift surgeon who specializes in male facelift techniques is critical for ensuring a natural-looking, masculine outcome. At Chiseled, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Young Cho is proud to help men achieve their ultimate aesthetic goals with a complete range of male-specific treatments and procedures, including the male facelift in Spring, TX. For more information about how a facelift may benefit you, call to schedule your private consultation with Dr. Cho today.

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