How Does EMSCULPT Build Muscle and Burn Fat Without Exercise?

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Millions of people in the U.S. struggle with unwanted body fat. Sometimes, crunches or push-ups are not enough to get the contoured results you want. This is why the professionals at Chiseled offer a treatment to build muscle and melt fat at the same time. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Young Cho offers the revolutionary EMSCULPT® for men in Spring, TX.

So, how does EMSCULPT work? While other procedures simply target fat, EMSCULPT uses advanced electromagnetic energy to contract the muscles. This popular procedure has been shown to flatten and give muscular definition to different areas of the body. If you are ready to learn about safe and noninvasive EMSCULPT, contact our team to schedule a consultation.

How does EMSCULPT work?

So, how does EMSCULPT work? When the EMSCULPT device is placed on the area of treatment, it emits an electromagnetic pulse directly to the muscle. The pulse forces the muscle to contract 20,000 times in just thirty minutes. This is similar to performing 20,000 crunches or squats at the gym. These contractions are designed to build muscle and burn fat at a faster rate than a traditional workout.

Build muscle

Whenever we work out, we damage our muscles and wear them down. As our body recovers, it reverses that damage by rebuilding the tissue and making it stronger than before. The contractions provided by EMSCULPT provide a faster and more powerful version of this process. While going to the gym could provide potential results in months or even years, just a few sessions of EMSCULPT are enough to give you a more defined stomach or firmer thighs.

Burn fat

Our fat cells expand or contract depending on whether we gain or lose weight. This is why it can be difficult to tone certain areas of the body. No matter how much fat you burn, the fat cells still remain. The electromagnetic pulses in EMSCULPT treatment force the muscles to work so hard that they destroy the fat cells. Getting rid of excess fat allows patients to see the underlying muscles more clearly than ever before.

What EMSCULPT treatment is like

EMSCULPT treatment takes about thirty minutes from beginning to end in Spring, TX. This depends on the number of areas being addressed. Although the procedure is generally described as painless, we can change the intensity according to what you can tolerate. The contractions will make you feel as though you are performing an especially intense workout. When undergoing EMSCULPT for men, you are free to relax, read, or even spend time on your phone.

Are body contouring results permanent?

It is important to note that this and other noninvasive body contouring treatments are not meant for weight loss purposes. However, the good news is that EMSCULPT destroys fat cells, so they do not return. Patients will need to commit to living a healthy lifestyle and engage in exercise to maintain their new appearance. Patients are always free to return to Chiseled for additional treatments in the future.

EMSCULPT for men

If you struggle with stubborn fat that will not go away no matter how much you exercise, then noninvasive body contouring could be right for you. Now you can burn fat and tone your muscles without spending hours at the gym. If you are interested in EMSCULPT for men, contact Dr. Young Cho for an appointment in Spring, TX. Chiseled has helped countless individuals achieve their cosmetic goals.

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