Can AccuTite Reduce Under Eye Bags for Men?

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Few things are more attractive in men than a set of firm eyes. But what happens when your eyes are surrounded by dark circles and bags? You may appear tired or older than you look. If you’re suffering from puffy eyes after trying over-the-counter creams, there is one more solution you may not have considered. Thanks to new advances in cosmetic technology, Chiseled can now tighten loose skin on small and sensitive areas. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Young Cho offers AccuTite for under eye bags in Spring, TX.

AccuTite is versatile because it delivers radiofrequency energy to produce outstanding results. Discover the power of this powerful treatment when scheduling a skin evaluation.

How advanced AccuTite works

Loose skin under the eyes can be a real problem for most people. AccuTite uses the same technology as BodyTite, which uses radiofrequency-assisted energy to reduce small fat pockets and tighten loose skin. It works by generating gentle heat to stimulate collagen production. The great thing about AccuTite is that the specialists at Chiseled can treat smaller and more delicate places, like under the eyes.

Who should get nonsurgical skin tightening

AccuTite is great for mild to moderate under eye bags in men. However, it is best to be assessed by a knowledgeable plastic surgeon first. Dr. Cho can examine the loose skin under your eyes and make recommendations as needed. Patients should be in generally good health before undergoing any treatment.

Sagging skin in any area of your body can be difficult to treat. The skin just beneath your eyes is even more challenging to address. Chiseled can deliver refreshed results through nonsurgical skin tightening. Benefits of AccuTite in Spring, TX include:

  • Minimally invasive: Unlike facelift surgery, AccuTite is not invasive. Patients enjoy little discomfort and less downtime afterward.

  • Almost instant results: AccuTite produces virtually immediate results that only continue to improve over time.

  • Impressive outcomes: Men can combat common signs of aging and put off the need for plastic surgery down the road.

AccuTite for under eye bags

AccuTite can be performed at our in-house facility using a form of anesthetic. Dr. Cho may begin by creating a tiny incision through which a specialized handpiece can be inserted under the skin. The electrode in the handpiece administers radiofrequency heat to tighten the skin. Patients can rest assured that our specialists closely monitor the temperature to make sure the surrounding area remains undamaged.

You may experience minor side effects from AccuTite that our office can inform you about in our clinic. Temporary redness and swelling are normal under the eyes, as well as some sensitivity. Be sure to follow our aftercare instructions and avoid any strenuous activities until the area has healed. Plan to allow yourself several days to a week for proper healing from nonsurgical skin tightening. Dr. Cho can give you more information during your consultation.

Treat loose skin under the eyes

Loose skin can really affect your appearance and self-confidence. Now you can reverse signs of aging with a little help from Chiseled. If you are interested in AccuTite for under eye bags in Spring, TX, call a member of our team for an assessment. Dr. Young Cho can put you on the right path and make sure you get the results you want. Our experience and research into the latest developments in cosmetic treatments will help you in your journey.

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